We believe that food safety and maintaining quality is paramount to the way we choose the foods we eat. 

HPP is the best solution for seafood processing. From Mollusk shucking to Crustacean Meat Extraction and Crab Meat, HPP has shown time and time again that it is the best way to ensure quality and safety standards. 


HPP Locks out disease. Allowing manufactures to process their foods in their final packaging, eliminating the risk of post-processing contamination. HPP has been around for years, and actually was first used for seafood and meat processing. Today this technology has pioneered a new wave of food. Keeping the products in their most natural state, while protecting your consumer.  

Our Technology

Read more about the technology we use to protect and create amazing products. HPP has proven to be the best form of processing for many food products, including seafood. 


Seafood Processing 

Interested in seeing how HPP Seafood Processing Works?


Check out this video by Mitsunori! 

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